La Fabrique du Vivant

DateMarch 2019

About the project

La Fabrique du Vivant (The crafting of life), is a pixel art walking simulator where you can visit a virtual reproduction of the temporary eponym exhibition.

This game was made for the 3rd Digital Art Jam, an event co-created by the Centre Pompidou, the MPAA and the ENJMIN.

The theme was to visit one of the exhibition available at the Pompidou museum and create something about it with code.

During the visit, I asked to the guide if the chair made of mushrooms could support a human body. She misunderstood and thought I was actually going to sit on the piece of art. I felt really bad. As It was the sole event that got my attention, I decided to create a virtual version of the exhibition just to be able to sit on it with my avatar.

The main inspiration was the game The Artist Is Present from Pippin Barr.

  • Type of project : Game Jam
  • Engine : Construct 2
  • Platforms : Browser
  • Time spent on it : 48 hours
  • Team : Duo with Judicaelle Live Lun
  • Status : Finished

What I did on this project

  • Pitched the original concept
  • Programmed the game in Construct 2
  • Performed the presentation of the game

Play it on your browser