Bonjour Escalier

DateOctober 2019

Bonjour Escalier is an interactive experience made during the workshop “Jeux dans la ville” by a group of  student from the ENJMIN (Video Game School) and the EESI (Fine Arts School) of Angoul√™me (France).

This is an interpretation of a short moment that the student felt while visiting the museum of the city.

You can climb the stairs by pressing the up arrow key.
You can say “Hello” once by character by pressing the space bar.
There is no end, stop whenever you feel like it.

  • Type of project : Game Design Master workshop
  • Engine : Unity
  • Platforms : PC
  • Time spent on it : 3 days
  • Team : 5 people
  • Status : Finished game

What I did on this project

  • Pitched the original game and gathered the team
  • Design of the core mechanic
  • Lead the team and organisation
  • Defined the artistic direction

You can play it on your computer

Or watch a climbthrough