Life Socks

DateMarch 2019

About the project

In Life Socks, you can spawn random socks and pair them by color. Then, you can put the pairs in a dresser wich will display a narration.

Life Socks is a prototype exercise made at school.
The assignment was to create a prototype from a game that we wouldn’t do with a team. I decided to create a piece inspired from my work in art school, a FPS with a desillusioned and cynical mood.

As we regularly met with the other student to share our issues and progressions, an important part of this work was the presentations I made out of the game for it.

  • Type of project : Game Design Master exercise
  • Engine : Unity
  • Platforms : PC
  • Time spent on it : a few days
  • Team : Solo
  • Status : Finished prototype
Maybe I like it now ?

What I did on this project

  • Designed a short concept
  • Coded Unity prototype from scratch in C#
  • Performed creative presentations to show my progression

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