About the project

Cache-Cache is a 3D point & click coop puzzle game for two players.

Each player has a different screen and see a different version of the same diorama. Communication and observation are the keys.

  • Type of project : Game Design Master project
  • Engine : Unity
  • Platforms : PC
  • Time spent on it : 3 months
  • Team : 6 people
  • Status : Finished prototype
Winter or Summer ?

What I did on this project

  • Lead the team
  • Helped to define the vision
  • Designed the core mechanics
  • Level design of the puzzles
  • C# Programmation of puzzles
  • Integration of 3D assets in Unity
  • Wrote and performed the presentation of the project

Try the project on your computer

/!\ You will need a partner, 2 screens and 2 computer mouses /!\
You can find a setup notice on the Itch page.

Or watch the 2 walkthroughs