La Bune

My participation for the Global Game Jam 2021
The theme was : “Lost and Found“.

Title screen

La Bune. This infinite space where objects get lost. Behind the couch. Between the passenger seat and the handbrake. Under the fridge. Between the door and the drum of the washing machine. You control a wobbly hand with weird physics. And you need to descend into the abyss of La Bune and find the object you lost. Amongst a ton of other forgotten absurdity. And it goes zbouibouibou.

  • Type of project : Game Jam
  • Engine : Unity
  • Platforms : PC, Mac
  • Time spent on it : 48 hours
  • Team : 5 people

What I did on this project

  • Game Design
  • Level Design
  • Programming

Some drafts